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The Exception
18+ (exemption)
Director: Jesper W. Nielsen
Cast: Danica Curcic, Amanda Collin, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Lene Maria Christensen
2019 | 115 min | Thriller | Denmark, Norway, Sweden | Danish with English subtitles

An intense psychological thriller featuring four great Danish actresses: Danica Curcic (ScandiFF19 Out Stealing Horses, ScandiFF19 Department Q: The Absent One), Amanda Collin (ScandiFF19 Department Q: A Conspiracy of Faith), Sidse Babett Knudsen (Borgen, also in this year’s Wildland) and Lene Maria Christensen (The Legacy). The Exception sees suspicion, fear and distrust contaminate professional and personal relationships.

Researcher Iben, her best friend Malene, librarian Anne-Lise and team administrator Camilla work together in a not-for-profit NGO in Copenhagen that specialises in genocide and crimes against humanity. When Iben and Malene each receive anonymous death threats, they initially suspect a Serbian war criminal whom they have recently publicly profiled. However, when a case of bullying in the office escalates, their suspicions start turning on each other and they begin to suspect that the sender is someone much closer to home.

Based upon the best-selling novel by Christian Jungersen, in this slick adaptation from Jesper W. Nielsen fuelled by strong performances and suspense, four brilliant actresses reveal the emotional abysses of not only of those who bully, but also of their victims.

Intensely atmospheric... Steeped in stylish cinematography.
Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2020 - Valhalla Award
Bodil Awards 2021 - Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress
Danish Film Awards 2021 - Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress