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Persona Non Grata
18+ (exemption)
Director: Lisa Jespersen
Cast: Rosalinde Mynster, Anne Sofie Wanstrup, Adam Ild Rohweder, Jens Jørn Spottag, Thomas Hwan
2021 | 91 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | Denmark | Danish with English subtitles

In black comedy Persona Non Grata, the meticulously structured life of hip young Danish author Laura or Irina as she now calls herself, (the superb Rosalinde Mynster) is rocked when she returns to her rural family after a long absence.

For several years she has distanced herself from her family in the countryside and established herself as a writer in Copenhagen, living a bohemian lifestyle. When she is forced to return to her childhood home for her brother’s wedding, she discovers that he is about to marry her childhood bully, Catrine.

Laura realizes that Catrine has taken over her place in the family and now she feels a strong need to get it back. It doesn’t take long for conflicts to arise, fed by the seemingly insurmountable differences and a painful history, prompting a series of unexpected events as the two struggle for the family’s approval.

Using elements from her own life, Danish debut director Lisa Jespersen delivers a nuanced and entertaining tale of uncomfortable family relations.

By turns hilarious, heartbreaking, and heart-warming.
Film Threat
Göteborg Film Festival 2021 - Best Nordic Film
Santa Barbara Independent Film Festival 2021